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Why Nigerian youths should participate in the ongoing INEC online voter registration



Young people between the ages of 18 and 45 constitute a greater majority of Nigeria’s population. Sadly, youth influence on national politics remains limited. This is premised on cosmetic factors such as voter apathy and loss of trust in the political leadership.

However, there is still room for a positive change when youths synergize with one common purpose.

As the online voter registration commences, Nigerian youths have been challenged to see it as an opportunity to decide their fate and future, and also rescue the nation from misgovernance.

The General Secretary of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), South West zone, Rahman Owokoniran, narrating how youths can actively participate in the electoral process urged them to mobilise, register, help family members and the aged to register, and be involved in the electoral processes.

In his words: “Since the youths are very conversant with the internet, it is the right time for them to determine who rules the country by the power of their votes.”

He added that Nigerian youths must register and take advantage of the online registration if they are interested in changing the country for the better.

Similarly, a member of the Bayelsa State House of Assembly under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Timi Agala-Omubo, had also admonished youths to avail themselves for the upcoming Continuous Voter Registration (CVR).

He urged them to “come out massively during the exercise,” pointing out that it is their right to be registered.

To buttress this point, here are two major reasons why every Nigerian youth should participate in the ongoing Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) online voter registration exercise.

Youths Are Internet Savvy

We are in the era of Information Technology, where Nigerian youths are most active with the use of the internet. So, this is an ample opportunity for them to seamlessly participate in the exercise, using their digital skills.

Thankfully, INEC just launched a dedicated portal for the virtual registration exercise. This is unlike the previous years where prospective voters queued in various centres to register and obtain their voter’s cards. With this, a large number of Nigerian youths who are internet savvy are expected to register en masse.

Youths Are the Future of Nigeria

When youths are involved in the electoral process, they are determining and safeguarding their present and, at the same time, the future of their unborn generations.

This is more reason why they need to be actively involved in the voter registration exercise and participate in the process of selecting the right individuals. The importance of this is that youths can easily take over the reins of power with the hope of a better future for Nigeria.

The task to save Nigeria concerns every Nigerian youth. Though it is not an easy task and not a one-man show, but a collective effort that must be championed by our youths.

Nigerian youths should know that the future is here and they are the future. Therefore, participating in the ongoing INEC online voter registration exercise is the right step to take.

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I’m where I am today because of luck, says Tony Elumelu




Abuja—The Chairman of Heirs Holdings, Mr. Tony Elumelu, has said that luck has brought him this far.

Vanguard reports that Elumelu made this known Via his Twitter page on Monday, while motivating his followers.

He also said luck is part of the cocktail one needs to be successful.

Elumelu wrote, “I am where I am today because of luck. Let me be clear: Luck is important, but it is not a substitute for hard work or labor. Luck is a part of the cocktail that you need for success.
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“There are two ingredients for luck-hard work and passion. The more work you put into something and the more passion you apply, the “luckier” you will find yourself. You have to work hard, and be passionate and committed about what you do, to be successful and make your own luck.

“Hardwork and passion are within your power and control, and you should apply them to earn your own luck and to help us foster a better and more prosperous world.”

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DGN president, Victor Okhai appointed ADF board member




Abuja—The African Diaspora Foundation (ADF) has announced the appointment of Dr. Victor Okhai as an Advisory Board member.

The appointment, approved by the ADF board of directors on November 13, 2022, went into effect on November 16, 2022.

Okhai, President of the Directors’ Guild of Nigeria (DGN), is a seasoned documentary filmmaker, communicator, and resource person at different academic and professional institutions, as well as the head of the jury for the 2022 Multichoice Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA).

The ADF, a non-profit organisation created in 2001 out of concern for people of African descent around the world, is a multi-racial and multi-ethnic cause with a heightened purpose to turn the tide of violence in African communities around the world. It works and aspires for peace via education.

The foundation is dedicated to building a coalition of national and international leaders and organisations to address critical issues relating to peace, nonviolence, and reconciliation in Africa.
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As a non-profit organisation, ADF has proposed establishing peace education centres in Los Angeles and Africa, working in collaboration with American colleges and providing a curriculum focused on resolving problems that endanger survival in conflict-affected nations.

“The integrity and intellectual leadership with which ADF aims to deliver services to African and diaspora blacks are impressive.

“As a future organisation, ADF must continue to adapt, build, and identify answers in real-time. I am honoured to serve on its worldwide advisory board and to be a part of truly transforming the world,” Okhai stated while accepting his appointment.

The ADF also announced the appointment of Mrs. Sylvia Litana Ezozo as its new chairwoman.

According to the announcement, she has brought new light and enthusiasm to the organisation.

“Under her direction, ADF has expanded its purpose to include mental health, support for the homeless, and the collection of medical equipment, subject to IRS formal permission.”

Meanwhile, the ADF has successfully sent four containers of used medical supplies to Cameroon, Nigeria, and Uganda with the financial assistance of Thomas Tanue.

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Establish drug rehab centers across Bayelsa, media expert tells Diri, laments prevalence of drug abuse among youths




Abuja—A media expert, Mr. Sam Dogitimi has called on the Senator Douye Diri-led Bayelsa state government to set up a rehabilitation center for drug addicts in each of the eight Local Government Areas in the state to drastically reduce the impact of hard drugs on youths.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, Sam lamented the prevalence of illicit substance abuse in the state, insisting that the ugly trend can be minimized if and only when people begin to see it as a societal problem.

Narrating his struggles with smoking and binge drinking in the past, the publisher of expressed that he may have forayed into substance taking if not for God’s intervention in his life.

The Abuja-based media entrepreneur observed that nowadays girls have become bigger drug users than their male counterparts, urging people to speak up against the menace.

He equally called out those dealing in the sale of hard drugs and advised them to stop the illegal business, saying they cannot be destroying lives to make money.

The post reads in part: “I told myself I won’t smoke or drink again in my life. But two weeks after leaving the town, I was inside the club, drinking spirits and smoking cigarettes.

“It took me another year to stop cigarettes. Who knows if I would have graduated into taking cocaine, heroin, etcetera if God had not rescued me from the habit?

“So many people have gone mad smoking weed, skunk, cocaine, and other hard substances. So many people spend all their income and investments to satisfy the urge.

“So many fine boys and fine girls are now looking funny due to excessive intake of hard substances.

“I think the state government needs to provide, equip and fund rehabilitation centers across the eight LGAs, particularly in the council headquarters.

“Perhaps we should also start talking to our loved ones who can’t control their urge any longer for their own interest and ours too, as their addiction also affects us, directly and indirectly. I am pleading for us to do whatever we can to help reduce the negative trend in our communities.

“It appears some young girls are now doing drugs more than even their male counterparts and this disturbs me a lot. Let us not be quiet and allow our future mothers, fathers, and leaders to destroy themselves.

“It is my plea that, in doing the above, we must also commit to not condemn any drug user as most of the substances are highly addictive and it is beyond them to stop, hence the call for rehabs that will do their work perfectly.”

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