Why I want to become secretary of IYC Central Zone, aspirant reveals

Yenagoa—Ipogi Daniel Mondifamonyu, an aspirant for the position of Secretary in the upcoming Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Central Zone election has outlined reasons why he deserves the position.

In a statement sent to, he revealed that many youths and stakeholders of the Council have expressed support for his aspiration, with the firm belief that he can articulate the hopes and aspirations of Ijaw youths in the zone.

He averred that the days of armed struggle are far gone, stating that intellectualism has taken center stage in the Ijaw struggle.

“I believe, and I know you will agree with me, that the pen can only be mightier than the sword when handled by competency, character, experience, foresight and selflessness.

“I have with all humility served, learned and followed the operations and dynamics of the Council keenly. Therefore I am fully abreast with the Council’s mode of operation and well prepared to manage our great Secretariat for the overall good of all.

“It is no longer news that with the proper use of the ink, most of our graduates and youths roaming the streets can be gainfully engaged and be useful to society.

“Also, with the proper use of the pen, children of parents who do not have the wherewithal to be sent to school can get free education/scholarship in recognized institutions of learning both at home and in the diaspora,” he said.

Ipogi promised that if voted as Secretary, the world will become more aware of the plight of Ijaw people such as environmental degradation, environmental pollution, neglect, marginalization and the urgent need for relevant government agencies, multinational corporations and well-meaning leaders to intervene.

While appealing to Ijaw youths in the zone for their support and prayers, he further promised to add value to the youth organization by being a humble and proactive scribe.

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