Yenagoa residents berate PHED for poor power supply, accuse company of extortion

Yenagoa—For months, Yenagoa, the capital city of Bayelsa state has been experiencing epileptic and irregular power supply from the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company (PHED).

In an exclusive interview with, some residents of Yenagoa expressed displeasure with the rate of power supply.

A trader, who identified herself as Karina, who deals in frozen foods, opined that if the PHED is not ready to provide residents of the state with constant power supply they should leave, instead of subjecting the populace to untold hardship.

“This week alone, I know how much I have spent to buy fuel to power my generator. You know frozen foods are highly perishable so you need steady light to keep them fresh.

“That power distribution company called PHED has turned itself to an enemy of Bayelsa state.

“They will not give us light for weeks and when they manage to give us for a day, they’ll come to demand light bill. How can I pay for what I didn’t use? If they are not ready to give us light they should pack out of our state instead of suffering us,” she said.

Another resident, who identified himself as Eli Owede, enquired why PHED will be demanding electricity bill when they have not provided electricity.

“As I speak, the last time they came to my house to demand electricity bill, I vehemently told them I will not pay. How can I pay for what I did not use?

“I asked them to disconnect my line because I cannot be paying for darkness. This is extortion,” he alleged.

Similarly, Robinson Zuokemefa , a retired public servant, described the power supply in the state as deliberate and pitiable.

“I believe PHED is doing this deliberately. I mean if you go to other states you won’t experience such. Last month, I was in Kaduna State for a programme and all through my stay there the light didn’t blink.

“PHED has no reason not to give us stable power supply in this state. It is a pity that we pay our bills promptly, but what we get in return is darkness.

“I am even suspecting that is a form of racketeering or gang up somewhere against this state,” he alleged.

When called the customer care number (09087838800) displayed on their official Facebook, a customer care agent answered but when our reporter asked the reason for the poor power supply the agent hung up.

The number was switched off as of the time of filing this report.

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