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Your assessment of Bayelsa govt delusional, Diri’s aide replies APC chairman



Yenagoa—The Technical Assistant to the Bayelsa State Governor on Information and Strategy, Jeremiah Owoupele has described the recent assessment of the Douye Diri-led government by the Bayelsa State Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Dennis Otiotio as unrealistic and delusional.

Otiotio had recently opined that Diri was not ready for governance and the PDP had brought nothing but poverty and underdevelopment to the state.

Bayelsa State APC Chairman, Dennis Otiotio

But Owoupele in a statement made available to on Wednesday described the APC chairman as a “drowning man holding unto mere illusions about non-performance.”

He said Otiotio’s statements are nothing but pent-up frustrations given that personalities in the Bayelsa APC are constantly defecting to the PDP due to Diri’s achievements.

“One will even wonder, why will a reasonable, respected, and big party members of his party be thronging to our party daily if his accusations have any iota of truth.

“Just a few days ago the former commissioner for finance Chief Ogola Brass alongside a former Assistant Senatorial Youth leader of APC, Gabriel Ndoni had both decamped to our party, the PDP.

“Again, another notable leader from Ogbia Local Government, His Highness Chief Iboro Ige Idebah, the Obanema of Emakalakala community has also left the fast sinking boat of the APC party. These are among several others in recent times.

“Truly, these are difficult and incomprehensible times for a party leader who has seen a true vision of being clearly defeated at noon and still struggling to accept this reoccurring vision.

“Bayelsans know that for the first time we have a leader, a Governor whose sensibilities are in sync with her people so much so that, his priorities are to change the infrastructure map of the state,” Owoupele stated.

According to him, Bayelsans are happy with Diri for his many achievements thus far.

“The litany of people-oriented projects such as the Elebele bridge, the Nembe unity bridge, the Bayelsa insurance building, the school of midwifery Sampou, the police barrack Aampou, the many internal roads, the Kaiama referral hospital.

“The several secondary schools among others prove his undisputed sense of direction while his people-oriented policies in meeting the needs of the people are the evidence of a leader who truly understands the philosophy of governance.

“In my considered view, if we had a man of Governor Douye Diri’ ilk in the Presidency, am sure the unimaginable throes of pains and sufferings would have been totally averted.

While noting that Bayelsa APC has crumbled under Otiotio’s watch, Owoupele advised him to resign his position as the party chairman and return to his professional career.

He said it is shameful that Otiotio is chiding Diri when the governor is being commended for commencing phase 1 of the age-long Nembe-Brass project.

In his words: “One then wonders, what exactly is the motivation in the APC leader? If not that of a drowning man holding unto mere illusions about non-performance.

“I truly sympathise and empathise with Dr. Otiotio whose house has become a shadow of its former self.

“My very sincere advice to Dr. Otiotio is for him to courageously fold up his party and urgently return to his professional calling as this will help to restore his battered image given the progressive decline of the party under his leadership.

“The PDP under the direction of the present leadership of Senator Douye Diri has demonstrated a phenomenal managerial acumen, one which has put our State on a path to realising its true glory.”

Owoupele urged Bayelsans to support the self-styled prosperity administration, saying Diri is prepared to deliver good leadership.

“We ask our dear patriotic indigenes to support and stand with the Governor while he continues his prosperity agenda in giving the State a befitting legacy of true leadership in all sectors of governance.

“The times and era of deception are over as the people are conscious smart and happy with the Governor and this is evident in the massive support demonstrated daily.

“It is our hope that the APC leader will find his bearing and stick to his professional calling and forgo his failing attempt to save an already sinking ship; the APC.”


Buhari has reduced insecurity in Nigeria, says Tinubu




England—The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, has said that the President Muhammadu Buhari, has reduced the insecurity challenge he met on the ground in 2015.

Punch reports that Tinubu said this during an interview with BBC, which was published on Tuesday.

Questioned about how he would tackle insecurity, considering it has persisted, Tinubu said, “It has reduced. I will defend him.

“Then, 17 local governments and about four states where we had flags of foreign jihadists in Nigeria. That is no more. That is long gone.

“To start chaos is easy. To bring normalcy and redecorate is more difficult. Here we are, Buhari has degraded but not completely eliminated ISWAP.

“They will talk briefly of lethal weapons and ammunitions and technology equipment that could have helped with the clean up of those.

“The West is yet to feel comfortable enough with a Buhari administration to sell us the arms and technology necessary.”

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People want to use me to make money—Tinubu explains why he snubs debates




London—The presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has said those inviting him for debates are only trying to use him to make money because he’s a marketable individual.

Channels Television reports that the former governor of Lagos State said this at Chatham House in London on Monday, barely 24 hours after he snubbed a town hall meeting attended by three other candidates in the 2023 presidential race.

Fielding a question from the audience on why he snubbed debates, Tinubu said, “I see myself as a marketable individual. You want to use me to make money and I’m saying no.”

On controversies surrounding his age, school and time in the private sector, he said, “At the time of birth, I was dated March 29, 1952, in the family record. Then, I don’t think I had decided to be President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, not even that I would go into politics.

“I’ve had a very good record in life. My record is consistent in the university they questioned. They’ve now confessed that they wasted their money and their time. The record is there, and the transcript is there showing March 1952.

“I’m not claiming another father, I’m Tinubu and Tinubu proper. If they want a DNA, they could as well request for one.

“One of them was even accused of not being a Nigerian citizen, I didn’t touch that area.

“Equally, it remains the same. Chicago State University where I graduated has attested to that. Now, I can announce that I have received my original replacement degree certificate from them.

“Deloitte trained me as an accountant. Mobile Oil has attested to my outstanding record. I got to the pinnacle of my career in the private sector. Who among them can brag about that?

“Yes, you want to wrestle with the pig, you’ve got to live with the dirt. That’s what I’m doing. I got into politics knowing fully well that it is muddy water. Smog will come, and you will have to live with the dirt and make sure you are upright to finish the job.”

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Dogara joins PDP from APC after declaring support for Atiku




Abuja —Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara has dumped the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) for the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Channels Television reports that Dogara was received into the party during the presidential campaign by the party’s presidential candidate and former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar in the nation’s commercial capital, Lagos State.

This comes 48 hours after a group led by Dogara, the Northern Leaders Consultative Forum adopted Atiku as the preferred presidential candidate for the 2023 election.

On December 2, the group consisting of Christian and Muslim religious and political leaders in the north said after evaluation of all the presidential candidates, Abubakar is “the best”.

“It is evident that the All Progressives Congress (APC) is heading for implosion and extinction; hence, it cannot be the party for now and in the future, because of its rejection to embrace inclusiveness in a diverse country like Nigeria. After the 2023 elections, APC may be dead and buried as a political party,” the group said.

“While the duo (NNPP and LP) may emerge as strong contenders in the political arena in the future, from all indications, PDP appears to be the best option to adopt and support.

“All it takes is to sustain and tackle some of the problems and challenges this country faces.

“Certainly, with proper consultations and inclusive appointments, which is mindful of the federal character principle with a sincere consideration of diverse issues such as religious affiliation, geographical location, and ethnic identity, which many believe will enhance justice, fairness and equity, after a careful evaluation of all the issues highlighted above, we now recommend the adoption of the PDP to all lovers of democracy in Nigeria for the 2023 presidential election,” the group said.

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