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Media entrepreneur hails young poultry farmer, advises youths to emulate his footsteps



Abuja—The publisher of, Sam Dogitimi has eulogized one Olali Tonwaprinyo, a young poultry farmer for his enterprising and industrious spirit.

Sam in a Facebook post on Saturday narrated that he has known Olali since their undergraduate days in the University and since then their friendship has waxed stronger.

Olali Tonwaprenyo

He said he was impressed when Olali despite being a young lad and a graduate decided to go into poultry farming to make ends meet when the hope of getting a white-collar job failed to materialize.

Olali in his poultry farm

According to the media entrepreneur, what has excited him the most is that Olali who is also known as Chiefo among his peers has added a barbecue joint to his hustle where he sells grilled chicken to residents.

Olali in the throes of grilling chicken for sale

Sam commended his friend for his enterprising spirit and added that Olali’s ways are worthy of emulation, especially by young folks who are still looking for employment after school.

The author of “The Power of Peer Influence ” advised that young people should learn a skill or venture into business just like his friend to foot daily bills and make ends meet.

He added that there is no excuse for failure, saying that young people should quit blaming relatives and other people for their underachievement.

In his words: “Olali Tonwaprinyo and I have been like brothers since he joined me at the Niger Delta University (NDU) in 2010. I was in my 300 level studying Sociology, while he was offered admission to study Biochemistry. Today we have all graduated to the glory of God.

“I am presently pursuing a career in media/PR, etcetera. Chiefo on the other hand has ventured into poultry farming; rearing broilers and layers in a large quantity.

“At some point, he decided he could no longer wait for that ideal job virtually every Nigerian graduate dreams of. He, therefore, relocated to his hometown, Twon Brass in Bayelsa State, to begin his poultry business.

“Chiefo has now become a major supplier of chicken meat and eggs in Brass Island with a frozen food shop to his name.

“Now, this, to me, is the most exciting part of his story: he is currently doing barbeque chicken in front of his shop so residents can come and “chop chicken” while having some drinks to forget the doufaness in the world.

“Recall that Chiefo has passed through the numerous walls of the university, just like many of us. Yet he decided to go into the poultry business while enduring the unbearable smell of the chickens.

“He has again started roasting chickens in the very town where everybody knows him as a “senior boy” with swag. The good thing in all of this is that he is earning income and footing his bills, without begging to eat. And we are all proud of the progress he is making.

“There is no excuse to remain idle and expect manna to come down from Heaven. There are not too many jobs in the world. But there are many people who are willing to buy a product you can sell or a service you can render, as long as it is valuable.

“We can emulate Chiefo and his likes and start doing something. We can sell a product people need. We can learn a skill. Interestingly, these days, many skills are freely taught online. So make the internet your friend. Surf many how-tos to read. And watch the right videos on YouTube and other platforms.

“While I agree we all need people’s support once in a while, we should be tired of blaming our uncles, leaders, and others for not helping us. If we continue blaming others for our woes, we might just get old without achieving any tangible thing in life. Look around, many old people who are suffering from “excusitis” are wishing they could turn back the hands of time.

“So let’s emulate Chiefo and do something to foot our daily bills, even if it means roasting a chicken in front of our houses to make ends meet. #Dignityinlabour #Noexcuse.”


DGN president, Victor Okhai appointed ADF board member




Abuja—The African Diaspora Foundation (ADF) has announced the appointment of Dr. Victor Okhai as an Advisory Board member.

The appointment, approved by the ADF board of directors on November 13, 2022, went into effect on November 16, 2022.

Okhai, President of the Directors’ Guild of Nigeria (DGN), is a seasoned documentary filmmaker, communicator, and resource person at different academic and professional institutions, as well as the head of the jury for the 2022 Multichoice Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA).

The ADF, a non-profit organisation created in 2001 out of concern for people of African descent around the world, is a multi-racial and multi-ethnic cause with a heightened purpose to turn the tide of violence in African communities around the world. It works and aspires for peace via education.

The foundation is dedicated to building a coalition of national and international leaders and organisations to address critical issues relating to peace, nonviolence, and reconciliation in Africa.
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As a non-profit organisation, ADF has proposed establishing peace education centres in Los Angeles and Africa, working in collaboration with American colleges and providing a curriculum focused on resolving problems that endanger survival in conflict-affected nations.

“The integrity and intellectual leadership with which ADF aims to deliver services to African and diaspora blacks are impressive.

“As a future organisation, ADF must continue to adapt, build, and identify answers in real-time. I am honoured to serve on its worldwide advisory board and to be a part of truly transforming the world,” Okhai stated while accepting his appointment.

The ADF also announced the appointment of Mrs. Sylvia Litana Ezozo as its new chairwoman.

According to the announcement, she has brought new light and enthusiasm to the organisation.

“Under her direction, ADF has expanded its purpose to include mental health, support for the homeless, and the collection of medical equipment, subject to IRS formal permission.”

Meanwhile, the ADF has successfully sent four containers of used medical supplies to Cameroon, Nigeria, and Uganda with the financial assistance of Thomas Tanue.

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Establish drug rehab centers across Bayelsa, media expert tells Diri, laments prevalence of drug abuse among youths




Abuja—A media expert, Mr. Sam Dogitimi has called on the Senator Douye Diri-led Bayelsa state government to set up a rehabilitation center for drug addicts in each of the eight Local Government Areas in the state to drastically reduce the impact of hard drugs on youths.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, Sam lamented the prevalence of illicit substance abuse in the state, insisting that the ugly trend can be minimized if and only when people begin to see it as a societal problem.

Narrating his struggles with smoking and binge drinking in the past, the publisher of expressed that he may have forayed into substance taking if not for God’s intervention in his life.

The Abuja-based media entrepreneur observed that nowadays girls have become bigger drug users than their male counterparts, urging people to speak up against the menace.

He equally called out those dealing in the sale of hard drugs and advised them to stop the illegal business, saying they cannot be destroying lives to make money.

The post reads in part: “I told myself I won’t smoke or drink again in my life. But two weeks after leaving the town, I was inside the club, drinking spirits and smoking cigarettes.

“It took me another year to stop cigarettes. Who knows if I would have graduated into taking cocaine, heroin, etcetera if God had not rescued me from the habit?

“So many people have gone mad smoking weed, skunk, cocaine, and other hard substances. So many people spend all their income and investments to satisfy the urge.

“So many fine boys and fine girls are now looking funny due to excessive intake of hard substances.

“I think the state government needs to provide, equip and fund rehabilitation centers across the eight LGAs, particularly in the council headquarters.

“Perhaps we should also start talking to our loved ones who can’t control their urge any longer for their own interest and ours too, as their addiction also affects us, directly and indirectly. I am pleading for us to do whatever we can to help reduce the negative trend in our communities.

“It appears some young girls are now doing drugs more than even their male counterparts and this disturbs me a lot. Let us not be quiet and allow our future mothers, fathers, and leaders to destroy themselves.

“It is my plea that, in doing the above, we must also commit to not condemn any drug user as most of the substances are highly addictive and it is beyond them to stop, hence the call for rehabs that will do their work perfectly.”

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Ndume seeks 50% pay cut for NASS members to pay ASUU 




Maiduguri—The Senator representing Borno South senatorial district, Mohammed Ali Ndume, has called for a 50 per cent slash in the salaries of the National Assembly members in order to recoup money and allocate same to meet the pressing demands of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).

Leadership reports that Ndume made the call on Friday in Maiduguri, Borno State capital while reacting to the October half salary payment to the University teachers by the federal government.

Ndume, a former Senate Leader, advised the federal government to constitute a high-powered standing committee of respected educationists and patriotic Nigerians to meet with the ASUU leadership to address the lingering burning issues.

The lawmaker said, “Even if it means that the National Assembly will reduce sitting allowances or be paid on casual allowances basis whenever they sit at the Lower and Upper Chambers, by cutting the recurrent expenditure in the budget of the federal lawmakers to settle the ASUU arrears, let it be. It will be in the overall national interest of Nigerians.

“We only assemble twice or so per week and get paid as such.

“Civil servants worked from home during the COVID-19 pandemic and were paid their full salaries and allowances monthly. So, why will the federal government cut university lecturers’ salaries because they went on legitimate strike action in which, constitutionally, they are fighting for their rights and privileges?

“As a matter of priority and as a public servant in the legislative chamber, we don’t work; so why don’t you just give us half salary and then pay ASUU?

“It is high time they resolve the issue once and for all even if they have to borrow or make supplementary budgets.
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“We are budgeting N20.5 trillion for 2023, I don’t see any reason why the government will not budget N1trillion to address the lingering challenges of the education sector including ASUU strikes.

“For eight months, students were at home doing nothing and they are the public and we are the public servants. In the budget for 2023, the overhead is 43 per cent.

“If you can spend N8.3trillion on public servants why don’t you spend N1trillion in public universities?

“Some of those involved in the negotiations do not have children in public universities.

“How can you be talking about something that you have no stake in? I don’t have a child in public schools, all my children are schooling outside the country; most politicians are like that too, and they are the ones negotiating.

“With this, to me, we will not get anywhere. Even if we got somewhere it will be temporary because other people will be playing to the gallery.

“Some of them will be claiming to be defending the interest of the federal government and the others will be pretending to be defending the interest of the masses and at the end, they are only playing to the gallery,” Ndume stated.

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