2023: Don’t make political promises you can’t Keep

"Only say what you know you can do while campaigning and let posterity be the judge."

Political campaigns shall officially begin next year, 2022, and many promises will be made: some with the intent to keep, while others will be made just for the sake of it.

This has more or less been a tradition in the Nigerian political space as so many politicians believe they have to make sweet but unrealistic promises before the electorate will see the need to vote them into power.

Such politicians may not be completely wrong in that most of us are moved by what we hear without critically pondering on what we are told during electioneering seasons.

I wish to humbly admonish all those intending to vie for political offices to please make only sweet promises that can be redeemed.

Don’t promise people that “I will change all your lives for good when voted into power” when you know you can’t.

Don’t promise to employ 1000 unemployed youths when you know you can’t achieve such a feat within the timeframe of that seat if finally elected.

Don’t say you will put an end to the searing security challenges when in fact you don’t have what it takes or are not ready to adopt measures to curb the ugly situation.

While you nurture the idea of contesting an election, do well to make research. Try to know the beneficial projects and the likes you can use the office to drag to your people and your place as well as the limitations of the said office – yes, this is important because every office has its challenges.

Have a plan and outline the things you will do if you get into that office. Envision the kind of people you need to surround yourself with that will aid you to actualize that blueprint you may have drafted.

I say this because, oftentimes, the helpless masses get so disappointed due to the many unrealistic promises politicians make during campaigns.

Please don’t promise a road project if you can’t facilitate or execute any road. Don’t promise the youthful population empowerment if you can’t do so.

There is no need to tell people you will sponsor bills or build cutting-edge schools, libraries, and hospitals, or even markets and factories if you know you won’t.

Know the core functions of the executive, and that of the legislature. So you craft and utter your sweet promises in line with the statutory mandate of the office you wish to hold.

Tell the electorate what you can do based on your capacity and most importantly the capacity of the office you are aiming to occupy.

A great majority of Nigerians have suffered a lot due to the inability of most political actors to keep to their words. So we should not increase the already existing problems with more failed promises just to hold one exalted position ideally made for sincere and prepared minds.

Only say what you know you can do while campaigning and let posterity be the judge.

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