Bayelsa speaker counters Brass Council boss over claims of facilitating Sangana market project

Brass—The Speaker of the Bayelsa State House of Assembly, Abraham Ingobere has countered claims by the Chairman of Brass Local Government Council, Victor Isaiah, wherein he claimed to have initiated and completed the Sangana ultra-modern market project.

It will be recalled that Isaiah had refuted claims that the Sangana ultra-modern market project was executed by the Speaker of the Bayelsa State House of Assembly.

In a statement on Saturday, Isaiah stated that, “I do not wish to discourage anyone from commending a leader for his or her good performance.

“I am forced to hint that as against what many persons are made to believe, the Sangana market project was solely initiated and sponsored by the Brass Local Government Council under my watch.

“During one of our visits, my team and I saw the need to build a bigger, more convenient and modern market facility that will enhance the commercial activities of the peace-loving Sangana people.

“Therefore on the 26th of June 2020, we awarded the contract to Watobi Venture and Company, to build the project and complete it in record time. This is why I was surprised how the speaker is being praised for what we did.”

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However, in a statement made available to the news media on Sunday, the Speaker maintained that the just commissioned market stalls were initiated and constructed by him as part of his efforts to bring democratic dividends to his people.

“The claim by the Chairman of the council is not only incorrect but also misleading and should be disregarded.

“The said market under construction is the daily market in Sangana which is at the roofing level, and it has no link to the good works by the Rt. Hon. Speaker.

“For brevity purpose, the weekly market project built and now commissioned by the Rt. Hon. Speaker has 70 lockup shops and stalls, and it’s situated along the creek of Sangana Kingdom.

“Whereas the ongoing uncompleted daily ultra-model market project by the Chairman, Brass LGA has 105 stuck lockup shops and stalls, and it’s sited along the ongoing Sangana-Aparanbie Road, in Sangana Kingdom,” the statement reads.

He noted that while he doesn’t wish to join issues with the Chairman or his media handlers, they should “verify facts before going to press to avoid embarrassing himself with false claims.”

The statement also urged the general public to disregard any contrary publications as regards the just commissioned weekly market building project.

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