13 reasons Dr. Sam Agada should be the next governor of Kogi State

By Comr. Kolawale Johnson

The people of Kogi State direly need a sound, prepared leadership that will provide the basic amenities needed to develop our communities and increase our standard of living.

A thoroughbred leader who hails from Ogugu in Olamaboro Local Government Area, Dr. Sam Agada remains the best man for the job.

Agada is a seasoned Banking and Finance expert vying for Governor in the November 2023 gubernatorial election in Kogi state on the platform of the Young Progressive Party (YPP).

Below are 13 reasons Dr. Sam Agada deserves to be Governor of Kogi State.

1. Dr. Agada has sponsored several Kogi sons and daughters to practice their profession in the United Kingdom (UK).

2. He has given out scholarships to individuals who are doctors and pharmacists.

3. When Gabaidu went on a hunting expedition, Dr. Sam supplied all the drinking water for the occasion. No other person did that.

4. During the installation of the current Gabaidu, he contributed cash and souvenirs to make it colourful.

5. It is interesting to note that he audited the contribution account of Gabaidu’s Coronation programme free of charge, and that earned him a commendation letter from Chief Sylvester Onoja.

6. Dr. Sam is a recipient of the prestigious Award of Who is Who in Igala Land because of his various contributions.

7. Just last year, he gathered over 400 youths from Kogi mostly Igalas in Lokoja where he gave them entrepreneurship training.

8. As a consultant with the Bank of Industry he is arranging loans for Igala youths to be self-reliant and productive.

9. Dr. Sam belongs to the Igala UK where he has made himself available to help in any way possible.

10. He made Igala proud when he was awarded Defender of Press Freedom by the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) last year.

11. Over the past two years he has campaigned through his awareness videos on Igala Unity, voter registration, etc.

12. He is trustworthy and has an impeccable track record.

13. He has integrity and a clear-cut blueprint to move Kogi forward if voted into power.

It will therefore be a patriotic decision for all well-meaning citizens of Kogi to unwaveringly support Dr. Sam Agada.

Comr. Kolawale Johnson, a public affairs analyst, writes from Lokoja.

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