Retirement of military generals for every new govt not ideal says Sheikh Gumi

Abuja—A renowned Islamic Scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi said the retirement of military generals whenever there is a new government is not ideal.

Gumi stated this in an interview on Trust TV on Sunday.

Recall that, at the height of banditry in the North West during the President Muhammadu Buhari administration, Gumi played a mediatory role and brought out many Fulani armed militia from the bushes before the project was abandoned.

The scholar said he is willing to go back and finish what he started if there is a commitment from the President Bola Tinubu’s administration.

Meanwhile, Gumi, a medical doctor who retired as a captain in the Nigerian Army, said President Bola Tinubu has taken the right course in the fight against insecurity in the country.

He stated, “They are starting from the scratch, so I think they have the opportunity to learn and take the right course. I think that having Nuhu Ribadu as the National Security Adviser is a positive step for us in this area.

“However, I hope he would not be a figurehead; the security chiefs should cooperate with him and coordinate with him.”

Gumi, however, said what was usually lacking in the previous administrations was lack of coordination.

“Different services are also in competition; in fact, they are jealous of one another, so they don’t cooperate and coordinate their actions. I think we can have peace if there is coordination,” he said.

When asked, if he would accept in the event that President Tinubu calls him to continue from where stopped, Gumi simply said, “Yes.”

He said, “You see, it is not only establishing contact, it is about confidence. We have built a bridge of confidence, not just contact. I think this is the time to come down and put everything on the table. But let the approach be holistic. That is my advice to the security chiefs.

“It is not only me. I know experts in this area who have gone and met them. We are all talking together, we are putting a blueprint. It has to be holistic.

“We are afraid that some people may try to hijack this project for some material gains. It has to be holistic because everybody involved who is capable should be brought to the table.

“Emirs, religious scholars and the military should be brought in let’s see how we can get out of this mess. The bandits should also come in.”

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