Rivers United players decry unfair treatment, deprivation after playing continental competition

Port Harcourt—In a shocking turn of events, players from Nigerian football club Rivers United have come forward to voice their grievances over alleged shortchanging by the club’s management.

According to the Sun newspaper, the players claim that they have been unfairly treated and financially deprived despite their remarkable performance in the recent continental competition.

Rivers United, known for its strong presence in Nigerian football, represented the country in the prestigious Continental Football Competition held in Africa.

The team showcased their skill and determination, making it to the quarterfinals and earning national recognition for their outstanding performance.

However, amidst the celebration and pride for their accomplishments, the players have raised concerns about the treatment they received from the club’s management.

According to reliable sources who spoke to the Sun newspaper, the players feel aggrieved by what they consider an unfair distribution of the financial rewards associated with their successful continental campaign.

Several players, who wished to remain anonymous, disclosed that they were promised substantial bonuses and incentives by the club’s hierarchy for their efforts in the competition.

However, upon returning from their journey, they were shocked to discover that the promised rewards were not fulfilled. The players were allegedly shortchanged and received far less than what was initially agreed upon.

Expressing their frustration, one of the affected players stated, “We put our hearts and souls into representing Rivers United on the continental stage. We expected the management to honour their commitments and reward us accordingly.

” It is disheartening to be treated this way, especially after the sacrifices we made for the club.”

According to reports, the players’ discontent has sparked a wave of concern among football enthusiasts and stakeholders in Nigeria.

Calls for transparency and accountability within the club’s management structure have grown louder, with fans demanding swift action to rectify the situation.

The players urged the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) to take note of the players’ grievances and investigate the matter, while calling on other relevant bodies, intends to ensure that the players’ rights are protected and that such incidents are prevented in the future.

In response to the allegations, the club’s media officer, Big Mayuku, vehemently denied the claims. In a telephone conversation with our correspondent, Mayuku expressed surprise at the accusations, stating that nothing of such nature occurred.

“I can tell you that it is strange, have not seen it in any media outlet just hearing it now but nothing of such happened,” he said.

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