Why people must talk about Tiwa Savage’s sextape

By: Corporal Mark Jr.

I don’t understand Nigerians. They enjoy censorship when it has to do with their favorite celebrity but yell like they all suffer from the Pseudobulbar-affect, when their government uses the same approach.

Yes, I’m talking about the Tiwa’s sextape phenomenon and those of you, especially celebrities, ready to drive a switchblade into the throat of those talking about it.

If people talked when Angel walked naked inside the ‘bbnaija’ house and when Buhari openly relegated his wife Aisha to the ‘other room’ in an interview, why would people keep quiet now in the same society made up of people with different conservative beliefs and values that define how they see the world?

People should be allowed to talk, watch and blog, whether in favor or against Tiwa. It’s their right. They wouldn’t be talking if someone didn’t intentionally spill the bean.

Moreover, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. The celestial current of life balances itself through this trajectory.

As usual, you’re free to think or create a theory that I’m mean to Tiwa. But that’s what the truth does to those trying to suppress it.

To make my point more clear, let me take your mind back into the groove of the past.

Some years ago, the same celebrity colleagues of Tiwa critiquing those who the sex video didn’t go down well with, did worse when a video of a girl dipping a cucumber down there surfaced online.

They didn’t care if such could open her for depressional attacks. Rather the holier-than-thou-faction exploited the situation to become motivational speakers and created a spectacle of themselves as the most intelligent in the pack.

In fact, memes were created, which were bad enough to make that particular girl give into sucide.

It was bad that nobody came to her defence. Obviously, it was believed that she was nobody and probably would return to her grave nameless.

Commentaries all over the places were deleterious, reducing her to a villain in a country of lost souls.

Literally, she was left to face the horrifying torrent of orthodoxy by herself. If she died, nobody cared.

I will like to remind those digital foot soldiers of Tiwa, flaunting the ammunition given to them by bandits, that Tiwa lives in the same Society (an archaic society as you guys might prefer to call it) – where Bisola was dragged for ‘giving head’ to a man on national TV – where dresses showing sensitive parts of the body are prohibited in Universities – where children close their eyes immediately a sex scene appears on the television screen because their parents have warned them against watching pornographic contents.

Given this reason, Tiwa is naturally expected to be dragged, too and it’s exactly what is happening to her.

On the other hand, this may serve as a warning to those of us who like filming while making out with our lovers, but can’t withstand the backwash of the act when the video is leaked to the public.

In the meantime, If you really think you want the Nigerian public to stop talking about Tiwa, release a sextape of you and your lover now, where the face of your lover is masked up like a ninja in Hollywood movies of the early 90s, and in no time the attention of the public would be diverted to you.

However, while I am neither against nor supporting Tiwa’s act, I am only pointing out the blossoming double standard and unquenchable sycophancy nature of many Nigerians.


Please, let’s observe a few minutes of silence for those who lost their lives during the endsars protest on 20/10/2020.

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