Be wary of people calling for Tunji-Ojo’s sack, Ijaw professionals write Tinubu

… absolve minister of wrongdoing

Yenagoa—The Ijaw Professionals’ Forum (IPF) has appealed to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to be wary of ‘opposition elements and enemies of his government’ calling for the suspension of his Interior Minister, Olubunmi Tunjo-Ojo over the financial scandal involving the suspended Humanitarian Minister, Betta Edu.

The IPF in an open letter signed and addressed to the president on Monday by its Secretary, Clarkson Borchson Ayibapreye, lauded Tinubu for the way and manner he had so far handled issues affecting his government especially his “speedy” treatment of the Edu’s financial scandal.

The group however urged the President to carefully evaluate the voices against Tunji-Ojo to avoid falling into the traps of the opposition and enemies of his government.

The letter said, “Mr. President must always remember that his government has opposition.

“Once a story like this is in public domain your opposition will also like to take undue advantage of it.

“Enemies of the government will exaggerate and widen the net to rope in all your key men. That, we believe is what is happening with your Hon. Minister of Interior.

“An honourable young man who has done everything to endear your government to all; locally and internationally.

“The energy, creativity, and innovation he has brought to your government is unparalleled. They say a goldfish has no hiding place, unfortunately, his outstanding performance has attracted the attention of enemies of your government.

“The Honourable Minister of Interior is a very valuable player in your government, and the opposition will revel in seeing him injured, which, I fear may be what is playing out”.

Describing Tinubu as an exceptional leader, the Ijaw professionals said the President required effective supporters and workers like Tunji-ojo, whom they said had been discharging his duties well.

They further appealed to the President not to allow “those, who do not mean well” to determine the policy direction of his government.

Applauding the President for the way he handled the Edu’s case, they said, “Tunji-Ojo is not Betta Edu. Tunji-Ojo is not even the Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management. Tunji-Ojo is doing well as the Minister of the Interior, and so far affairs in that Ministry have been above board.

“He resigned from the company in question five years ago. He is not a signatory to the account of the company. What is the hullabaloo about?”

“Was the contract abandoned or executed? Was any of the proceeds transferred to Tunji-Ojo’s private account? Has Tunji-Ojo truly resigned from the company? Is he a signatory to the company’s account?

“If the answers to the questions do not implicate him then please, Mr President, do not stress. Carry on with the good work you are doing.

“Let Hon. Tunji-Ojo also continue his good work as Minister of the Interior. Nigerians are with you, sir. Above all, God is with you. May God bless President Bola Tinubu.”

The Ijaw professionals further adjudged Tinubu’s administration so far to be doing the right things.

“You came in as President and hit the ground running. It was like a child running on the day it was born.

“On the very first day, you announced a momentous policy: the Deregulation Policy. It was uncharted territory. Even your predecessor, a retired military general was not keen to thread that path on account of obvious dangers but, you, President Bola Tinubu did.

“Since then you have defined your administ­ration as one that is ready for business. Mr President, you have also distinguished yourself by the quality of people you appointed to your government.

“But by far the most distinguishing factor in your administration is the swiftness with which issues are handled. This government is now known the world over as a listening government.

“Even when ministerial nominees have been cleared by the National Assembly, you had the courage to drop them after the discovery of new and genuine information,” the letter further read.

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