Police raise eyebrows over viral slang ‘No Gree for Anybody’, sparks debate

Abuja—The Nigerian Police Force has ignited a wave of online debate after publicly disapproving of the popular slang “No Gree for Anybody”, this year, a phrase widely adopted by youths and citizens across the country.

The phrase, with its literal translation of ‘don’t allow anyone to look down on you’, has resonated with many for its message of standing firm on one’s convictions and resisting external pressure.

However, the police, through spokesperson Olumuyiwa Adejobi, issued a statement expressing concern about the potential misuse of the slang, hinting at possible repercussions for those utilizing it.

Adejobi revealed that the police had received intelligence suggesting that the slogan had the potential to incite a revolution within the country.

He said, “Let me say that the new slogan for 2023, 2024 for our young ones is ‘no go gree for anybody.’

“We have been informed from our intelligence that this slogan is coming from a revolutionary sector that may likely cause problem across the country.

“No go gree for anybody’ is being seen as just a normal talk, but in security business, in the security community, we have seen it as a very dangerous slogan that can trigger crisis.”

Ripples Nigeria reports that this stance from the authorities has raised eyebrows and sparked diverse reactions from the public.

Some argue that the phrase is harmless, celebrating its empowering message of self-determination. Others, however, echo the police’s concerns, highlighting the potential for misinterpretation and its association with rebellious and potentially unlawful behavior.

Critics of the police statement point to the potential stifling of free speech and cultural expression. They argue that the phrase represents a harmless social trend and that targeting it could set a dangerous precedent.

Furthermore, concerns have been raised about the vagueness of the police’s warning, leading to questions about how its enforcement would be carried out and whether specific contexts or expressions would be targeted.

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