If you stay in some countries, you won’t think of prayers—Sabinus

Qatar—Popular comedian and content creator Emmanuel Ejekwu, aka Oga Sabinus has stated that conditions in countries like Nigeria would inevitably prompt one to engage in prayers.

According to the Vanguard, the comedian said this in a live video on his Instagram page while seen to be enjoying his stay abroad.

Sabinus said when one stays in some countries outside of Nigeria, life goes smoothly so that you won’t even think of praying.

The comedian stated that in Nigeria, as basic as walking on the street, driving your car, bending your body, one is plagued with uncertainties of what could happen the next minute.

He said, “See as person dey country nothing like wahala, nothing like ehn Jesus is coming soon, Jesus no dey come soon. Na because we dey Nigeria dey make us be like say Jesus dey come soon. People dey think of rapture. [I’m in this country, and there are no issues. There’s nothing like Jesus is coming soon; Jesus is not coming soon. Staying in Nigeria makes you think Jesus is coming soon. People think of rapture]

‘’E get country wey you go dey, you no go even think of praying because he be like say God don secure your life. [When you stay in some countries, you won’t think of praying because it seems like God has secured your life].

‘’If you dey Nigeria like this my brother, everyday prayer, you go dey waka dey pray, you bend dey pray, you dey drive motor dey pray because you know say anything can happen anytime.’’ [When you are in Nigeria, my brother, you have to pray every day, even while walking or driving a car, because some events can occur].

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