Media influencer laments over erosion of Bayelsa community, Odioama

Yenagoa—Bayelsa-based social media influencer has bemoaned the erosion of the shoreline of Odioama Kingdom in Brass Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, stating that the community is on the verge of extinction.

He said all is not well with the community because the encroachment of the Atlantic Ocean on its banks has washed away many of its buildings and land area and continues to pose a great threat to the town’s existence.

Dressman who drew attention to the community’s plight via a Facebook post on Monday expressed fear that the coastal community may soon be completely submerged if nothing is done.

Ebi Dressman

He added that many of the natives have evaded the community and many are still at the mercy of the ocean surge and encroachment.

He called on government at all levels, multinational oil firms, and the international community to come to the aid of the community in desperate need of help.

He wrote, “Ancient Odioama Kingdom, in Brass LGA of Bayelsa state, is being eaten by the sea.

“This kingdom which seats by the bank of St Nicholas River is on the verge of extinction due to the Atlantic ocean encroachment.

“This shows that all is not well with the natives of this beautiful island
due to this glaring natural challenge against the land.

“The effect of the ocean encroachment has taken away so many buildings. Long ago, the river bank was far from the buildings, but today, the bank is encroaching on a daily basis and most of the buildings have been washed away due to the consistent lashing of the ocean wave against the shoreline.

“This coastal Community will soon be underwater if nothing is being done. Many have left their ancestral homes and are at the mercy of the Atlantic Ocean.

“Experts say global emissions are the major causes of the rising ocean because increased heat expands see water and melting glaciers and polar ice caps (high-latitude region of the planet).

“Government at all levels, multinational oil firms, and the international community should come to the aid of the people of this beautiful island.”

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