The Need To Count Our Blessings

Sometimes we worry too much and fail to see the blessings that surround us.

The same needless worry tends to make us lose sight of God’s benevolence and omnipotence as well as the power we wield as His beloved children.

We often come across the words “COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS” especially in songs, books, social media posts, and during daily interactions.

But how often do we dispel our worries and just take time to count the immense blessings of God in our lives?

We, almost always, get admonished by those three powerful words but infrequently adhere to them, for whatever reasons.

There is no doubt that people pass on every day. When last did you count the blessing of life that can’t be bought with money?

People are battling to restore their vital organs from failing. When was the last time you thanked God for enjoying health?

Many people beg before they eat in this excruciating global economy. Fortunately, your work enables you to eat without necessarily begging. People sometimes send you money without you asking.

People have power, wealth and all the so-called good things of life but are finding it hard to eat, sleep and enjoy peace of mind.

Many have all the material things they wished for while growing up. They are, however, angry and depressed that they do not enjoy the bliss that comes from family and true friendship.

Some people are, arguably, without a conscience. They do whatever they like, whether they hurt others or not. Remorse and sensitivity are far from them.

But you, yes you, are possessing a great voice that gives you a sense of direction and makes you penitent when you seem to be doing wrong.

You are not without shelter in this rainy season.

You can still go to the market and buy what you want or need.

You are taking care of yourself and doing the best you can for others.

You are living with the reality that there is a God with and above us, while trying so hard to heed His words.

You are looking beautiful and handsome.

You have ideas to make wealth, and perhaps, are just waiting for the right opportunities to do better in life.

You are not on the street wearing rags. You can’t be described as one of those lacking a sense of existence and rationality. You are living, conscious and sane.

You are literate, hence your ability to read and comprehend this outpouring. You can articulate the ideas and draft a strategic plan on how best to execute them to earn money and goodwill.

You are probably not hospitalized. And even if you are, you are still alive with the energy to feel and express hope for healing and a better tomorrow.

Your case, my case, our case is not the worst in the world. Many have experienced and surmounted tougher challenges. We have so much to live and be thankful for. We have so much positivity to add to the “dou-fa” world.

And if you and I could just begin to count our blessings more than ever, worry and every other negative emotion will not plague us.

There is so much to be thankful for. There is so much progress we have made and/or are still making. However, we need to look deeply and be thankful while working hard and expecting more from the unfailing God.

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