Jonathan reacts to Bayelsa ministerial nomination allegations, says claims are unnecessary

Yenagoa—Former President Goodluck Jonathan has described as false, malicious, preposterous, and unnecessary the claims that he is seeking to nominate a minister from Bayelsa State for the government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

He said the claims are nothing but unfounded allegations by some frustrated elements to tarnish his hard-earned reputation.

Jonathan in a statement by his Media aide on Wednesday, Mr. Ikechukwu Eze called out the supposed sponsors of the claims—the APC Elders Council which he described as a shadowy and unknown organization alien even to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The ex-President while dismissing the claims as untrue, urged Nigerians to ignore “mischief makers and their web of fake news.”

The statement reads:

“We would have ordinarily ignored the falsehood, given that neither the authors who are shadowy characters nor their nebulous organisation, Bayelsa APC Elders Council, which is unknown to the structure of the ruling party, the All Progressives Congress, command any credibility.

“However, we have continued to receive calls from friends and well-wishers who are concerned that some innocent Nigerians might be misled by the duplicitous fabrication; hence this rebuttal.

“We state without equivocation that the publication is false, malicious, preposterous, and unnecessary. It is instructive that the authors of the hackery who are quick to spin such unfounded narrative could neither provide any clarification on the nature of the alleged consultations nor name the beneficiary of the envisaged nomination.

“We can only guess that a handful of faltering low-profile politicians might have wrongly misinterpreted Jonathan’s recent visit to the Presidential Villa in Abuja, even when the former President, who is ECOWAS mediator in Mali and Chairman of ECOWAS Council of the Wise, clearly explained that he had gone to brief President Bola Tinubu, who has just been elected as the Chairman of the Authority of ECOWAS Heads of State and Government, on the recent developments in the sub-region.

“The publication is simply a tactless ramble by some benighted politicians seeking to draw attention to their hopeless plight by raising malicious allegations against the former President.

“Howbeit, they have failed in this bid because most astute politicians within and outside Bayelsa State are well aware of Jonathan’s selfless and exemplary disposition to politics and statesmanship. Such people will never subscribe to the cheap blackmail from the so-called Bayelsa APC Elders Council.

“Why do we think that their futile antics sounded familiar? It is because the spurious allegation seems to have been cut out of the same worn fabric woven by those unfortunate politicians who regularly hurled the most acerbic missiles at Dr. Jonathan, while he was in office as President.

“Today, they remain pitiable characters because all their efforts to sully the reputation of the former President have been in vain, as his image has continued to soar both locally and internationally.

“While we once again dismiss the claim as untrue, we advise Nigerians to ignore mischief makers and their web of fake news because of the danger they pose to the peace and healthy growth of our nation.”

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