Enemies of Bayelsa congregating against a good course

Opinion written by Ebi Solomon

Bayelsa State at the moment is on steady growth under the Prosperity Administration of Governor Douye Diri.

It is, however, very disappointing and wicked for a group of people to congregate and embark on a campaign of calumny against this focused administration.

Yes, they merely will gather to scatter!

Those who are campaigning against the return of the incumbent government are doing so for personal greed, and certainly not in the interest of Bayelsa State.

Some of them, who congregate in the opposition, APC, are enemies of Bayelsa State and standing against the progress of the people.

So, are they not happy with the progress made on the three Senatorial roads required for the industrialization of the State?

They are not happy that the current administration is constructing the Nembe-Brass road. The same road their candidate, Chief Timipre Sylva, could not construct?

They are standing against the revolution happening in the primary and secondary schools where technology has been introduced to boost teaching and learning.

They are against the construction of new Science, Technical and Vocational Colleges to build the capacity of the young generation with new skills.

They are not happy with the state of security and peace across Bayelsa State.

They are supporting an accidental governor who has never won any serious contest; under whose administration Bayelsa became a theatre of war, almost 12 years ago.

Famous Daunemigha is alive to give testimonies on how firearms were allegedly planted in his house, and how an explosion reportedly rocked the CPC Presidential campaign ground in 2011 when then General Muhammadu Buhari, came to Yenagoa to campaign.

The then Deputy Governor, Rt. Hon. Peremobowei Ebebi, suffered from alleged government-induced insecurity when a series of explosions rocked his Baybridge residence.

Very ridiculous, APC is using the Peace Park as a campaign tool, when in fact, the incumbent government says it will rather build a new recreational centre in Yenagoa. The current location of Peace Park certainly has some security issues.

In the health sector, so much is happening with the Bayelsa Health Insurance Scheme inherited from the Dickson-led administration.

The scheme has continued to save lives. The innovation with Zipline’s drones that now deliver medical supplies to health facilities across the state including the rural areas is a game changer in the improved health indices in the State.

The APC wants to truncate the great things in the health sector. God forbid!

In the civil service, Governor Diri is providing opportunities for workers to grow with better welfare schemes. The transport scheme is serving the workers well and promotion is not delayed.

The retirees have continued to pray for the success of the administration and the governor in particular, for the regular payment of their entitlements and clearing of outstanding gratuities.

In sports, youth and women empowerment, and skills acquisition, this government has done so much and certainly the Angry People’s Congress (APC) is feeling so bad they have nothing to campaign against Douye Diri.

A few good men and women from the APC, who have come to see the light and great works of the Prosperity Government, have since dumped Sylva and his few followers.

The inglorious 5 years of his administration have continued to hunt him because of zero impact.

Even as a Minister, in such a critical ministry of Petroleum Resources, no one can point to any meaningful thing he attracted to Bayelsa State.

Douye Diri is a better manager of human and material resources.

Interestingly, the people have long rejected Sylva and his party, APC.

Bayelsans know the truth which was the reason they punished APC during the last general election. The PDP recorded over 85% electoral success in both the Presidential and National Assembly elections.

This electoral success awaits Governor Diri and his Deputy, Lawrence Ewhrudjakpo, come 11th November 2023.

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