Man destroys Catholic church property after drug overdose

Calabar—Cross River State Police Command has arrested one Asha Dominic after he invaded a Catholic church and destroyed property worth millions of naira, following an alleged drug overdose.

The incident happened on Sunday night at St Bernard’s Catholic Parish, Enyi, Boje in Boki Local Government Area of the state.

According to the Vanguard, a source in the area said, Miss Rhema, a member of the church, Asha Dominic, who is from neighbouring Obanlikwu Local Government Area and resident in the area as farm help, allegedly took an over dose of the drug called “ice” and was driven by the impact of the drug to invade the church in the middle of the night and destroyed the alter, chairs, tables, glass windows, tiles and valuable documents.

“The doors were shut but not bolted or locked with padlock, so he gained access into the church through the third door to commit the havoc,” Rhema told Vanguard on phone.

She said after the destruction, the man slept off inside the church until the morning when people, who went for morning prayers, were taken aback by the strange state of their church while the perpetrator laid asleep on one side of the destroyed floor.

The Assistant Parish priest, Reverend Father Matthew Majok, could not be reached on phone but our source said the Reverend Father incharge of the church was on suspension. However, the assistant (Majok) visited the church on Monday to record details of items destroyed.

“I just came back from school and heard that our main priest is on suspension and I don’t know the cause but his assistant, Father Majok was here on Monday to take down details of what were destroyed by the man.”

Ms Irene Ugbo, the state Police Command spokesman said she was yet to be briefed on the matter.

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