N8,000 palliatives insult to poor Nigerians—Kenneth Okonkwo

Lagos—Mr Kenneth Okonkwo of the Labour Party (LP) has described the Federal Government’s plan to pay poor Nigerian households N8,000 monthly “as an insult to common sense.”

He alleged that is it also a means to steal government fund in the name of poor Nigerians.

The Daily Post reports that Okonkwo in a post via his Twitter handle on Monday, also alleged that the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) government is arresting and detaining Nigerians without trial, saying it is anti-people.

Recall that the Federal Government had announced a plan to pay N8,000 monthly to 12 million poor Nigerians as palliatives to cushion the effect of fuel subsidy removal.

However, the veteran Nollywood actor claimed that the amount would not be sufficient for poor Nigerians who could barely afford a plate of food.

He wrote, “A government that commenced its regime with N352 increase in fuel per litre, depreciated naira by 82% from the first day in office, borrowed $800m (N650b) to share N35b to Judiciary, N70b to the Legislature, then N48,000.00 for a family of about six persons for six months, arresting and detaining Nigerians without trial is a government that is anti-people.

“Giving a Nigerian household a paltry sum of N8,000 a month that cannot afford a plate of food for a Nigerian is not only an insult to common sense but a formula to steal government fund in the name of poor Nigerians. What can a Nigerian do with N8,000 per month, much less a household of about 6 persons per month.

“This government is a waste and a scourge. Now we are seeing the true definition of cluelessness.”

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