Increase minimum wage to N100,000 instead of N8,000 palliative, Primate Ayodel tells Tinubu

Lagos—Primate Elijah Ayodele of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, has asked President Bola Tinubu to increase workers’ minimum wage to N100,000.

Vanguard reports that Ayodele made this call in a statement signed by his media aide, Osho Oluwatosin.

The cleric said an increase in the minimum wage would cushion the effect of subsidy removal instead of the proposed N8,000 palliatives to 12 million households.

Primate Ayodele said the N8,000 palliatives will only lead to corruption and will not reach out to the poor masses that need it.

He said the palliatives will not have any serious impact on the people because of corruption among politicians.

According to Ayodele, the N8,000 palliative will be a total waste of time because it won’t work due to corrupt practices that will mar the process.

He said the minimum wage should be increased to N100,000 if, indeed, the government has the people at heart.

Ayodele noted that an increase in minimum wage will have a direct impact on the people.

He stated, “If truly the government is concerned about the masses, the minimum wage should be increased to N100,000.

“It will go a long way in cushioning the effects of subsidy removal and inflation. Minimum wage increase will have a direct impact on the people than N8,000 palliative.

“The N8,000 palliative is corruption, I see nothing in the palliative, and it will not reach out to the poor masses. Despite the fact that Mr President has signed it, it will not make any impact. The governors will use it for their selfish needs. The poor will not enjoy it at all.

“It will not be a blessing to the majority; the palliative is just a waste of time and energy, it cannot work for its purpose.”

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