It’s ungentlemanly to visit a lady without gift—Nollywood actor, Rotimi Salami

Lagos—Actor Rotimi Salami has argued a man can’t be considered a gentleman if he visits a lady’s house without a gift for her.

Salami stated this on TVCs ‘YourView’ in reaction to a recent incident where a lady accused a man of being selfish and financially insensitive due to his inactions.

Intimating the film star on the incident, Morayo Afolabi-Brown narrated how a man left Ondo for Lagos to see his girlfriend he’s been courting online for a few months.

He reportedly got to her house and stayed for two days but without taking a gift to her.

“So, the lady was displeased with him that he could come all the way and didn’t think of getting her anything or rendering any form of financial support afterward.

Seeking the actor’s opinion on the matter, Afolabi said: “He stayed two days, ate her food, probably did a lot of things with her. Was it wrong not to take a gift to her?”

Salami explained he could never be involved in such a scenario because he’s someone who’s always prepared for uncertainties.

He said: “Of course, I won’t do the same thing because I’m a very rational person. I expect anything at any time. What if I get there, she’s broke or I don’t even get to see her?

“And I’m that kind of person that until it happens, I don’t think that it’ll happen. So, I’m always prepared…worst case scenario.

“So, definitely I’ll be loaded going to see her. So, I don’t think that’s gentlemanly enough.”

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