I will negotiate with Biafran agitators, if elected president—Obi

Onitsha—The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi, on Tuesday, said he would negotiate with agitators to make peace in the country which has been taken over by restiveness.

However, he said if those causing insecurity and restiveness refuse, “we will tell them that we have a government in Nigeria.”

He made the statement at the All Saints Cathedral Field, Onitsha, Anambra State, before a crowd of supporters and party faithful as part of his nationwide campaign.

Before going to Onitsha, the Labour Party candidate had earlier met with Anambra Traditional Rulers and other stakeholders at the Government House, Awka.

He said, “All we are coming to do is to end suffering and build a new Nigeria.

“In Nigeria today, nobody is safe, and families are begging to eat. We will secure and unite Nigeria.

“What I did in Anambra, I will do in Nigeria. We will negotiate, but whoever refuses, we will tell him there is a government.

“Anambra is a trading and manufacturing city, we will support all businesses. We will do same in Lagos, Kano, Kaduna and Borno. Every part of Nigeria will be productive.

“We will open roads. Any tarred road you see in Onitsha was tarred by me. I built the best road network in Nigeria. Those who left Nigeria will come back; we will face exportation to stabilise and reverse the dwindling fortunes of the naira if we assume power.

“There is no combination between us and others, if you have not created wealth, you cannot manage it. Datti and I are businessmen. The only way Nigeria can change is to hand it over to wealth creators.”

Obi also said the presidency of Nigeria is not a retirement loan, insisting that the country needs a stingy leader at the moment.

He maintained that he owed no one any apologies for being stingy, adding that he is the youngest, the fittest and the most qualified candidate to be President among the four leading contestants.

“The presidency is not about turn, but about capacity because if it is about turn, people like us would insist that it is our turn and should be considered.

“The job of a President is not a retirement home or for any kind of settlement but about uniting and rebuilding the country.

“They said that I am a stingy man and I say they didn’t say that I am extravagant or that I embezzled public funds only that I am stingy and I tell you the job and the Presidency of our country needs a stingy person,” he said.

Obi’s running mate, Yusuf Datti said he decided to work with Obi because he believes in justice, equality and fairness.

He asked Nigerians to hold them responsible if they fail in their promises, insisting that the February 25 election was good as won.

The Wife of LP candidate, Mrs Margret Obi, urged eligible voters to go for their Permanent Voter Cards, describing them as their weapons to vote out bad leaders.

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