Peter Obi is stingy, Atiku’ll sell everything, we can’t entrust Nigeria’s future with them, says Tinubu

Akure—Bola Tinubu, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has taken a swipe at Peter Obi of the Labour Party (LP) and Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), his major contenders, Thecable reports.

Speaking on Saturday at the party’s presidential rally in Akure, Ondo state capital, Tinubu said Atiku’s plan to privatise some national assets is a means to escape the “brave and hard work” of building Nigeria.

He said Obi’s philosophy of saving state funds is wicked and a recipe for underdevelopment. 

“He (Atiku) doesn’t want to do the brave and hard work required to build a better nation. Instead, he would rather sell your birthright to the highest bidder and run off with the proceeds. He cares little that his policies and actions will impoverish you and leave you with nothing,” Tinubu said.

“All he (Obi) could do was boast that he saved money. But I tell you it is a wicked parent that holds money in his hand yet allows his children to starve.

“Likewise, it is a heartless governor who holds back money when people go hungry, and schools, roads and clinics go into disrepair. Neither the city-dweller nor the farmer prospered under him. In the end, he refused to save the people because he preferred to save money.

“The truth of the difference between my leadership and that of Mr Obi lies in one observation. Although Lagos is crowded and Anambra has ample space, more people left Obi’s Anambra seeking a better life in Tinubu’s Lagos than left Lagos believing Obi had established a blueprint for growth in Anambra.

“My people, you cannot entrust your future or that of our nation to Mr. Sell Everything Atiku or Mr Stingy Obi. But you can trust Mr progressive good governance Tinubu!”.

The former governor of Lagos said Ondo has been the “economic bedrock” of the nation, promising that if he wins the forthcoming election, the state will be a direct beneficiary of his agricultural policy. 

“You have been the backbone of the economy and bedrock of the community. You will be honoured as such,” he said.

“My agricultural plan also calls for the creation of agricultural hubs in the nation. You will be the direct beneficiary of this policy. These hubs will increase the cultivation of now idle fertile land yet also promote agro-processing businesses that will produce many new jobs and put more money in the pockets of the average person and small farmer.”

“Our economic plan will make strategic investments in industry and infrastructure, giving our talented people the chance to make a good living while producing valuable goods that will improve the quality of life for those who buy them.”

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