Entertainment industry in Bayelsa still struggling, says Popular hypeman

Yenagoa—Like every ambitious youth who is determined to excel, Inebiri Theophilus Bubaralayefa popularly known as King Zephyr embraced hype not only as a means to make ends meet but to also add value to society.

In an exclusive interview with our reporter, Zephyr revealed what motivated him to become a hype man, his challenges, the growth of nightlife in Bayelsa and how far the entertainment industry has fared in the state.

According to him, “I’m a rapper and as a rapper, it’s good to know when to back up your verse. Hype is like that void that fills up the spaces in music. It fills up spaces in instrumental so everybody got to enjoy the music.

“So being a rapper is one of the few reasons that motivated me to hype,” he said.

Narrating his challenges as a hype man, he averred that people don’t take the nightlife serious because they feel everything happens during the day.
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His words, “A lot of people don’t understand that if people spend N2m during the day, they spend N10m during the night.

“Nightlife is so massive that it plays a major role in the economy of that location. So people need to start adding value to it.

“Another thing is that as a hype man people will not see you to be original. I mean those people that aren’t futuristic. They will see you as a person that is hiding under the shadow of another person.

“They feel this way because you hype other people’s music, you hype on other people’s verses. It’s more like you’re eating already-cooked food. So people need to understand that hyping is an industry on its own.

“Another challenge is funding. It is virtually a challenge everyone has. Presently I’m working on a project called the ‘I no get’ challenge. A project like this I really need to promote it and money is a major issue.”

He stated that the nightlife business is currently contributing a lot to the economy of Bayelsa State, adding that it has given jobs to a whole lot of people.

“The nightlife has also given me access to a whole lot of people I can’t even have access to during the day,” he revealed.

Zephyr opined that the entertainment industry in Bayelsa is still struggling with very limited investment in the sector.

“It is a sector on its own that needs to be invested in. When you look at the likes of Lagos, Abuja people are deliberate in investing in entertainment.

“They are deliberate in investing in the lives of entertainers. Setting up record labels, building studios, and setting up recreational centers where entertainment activities can happen.

“But in Bayelsa, these things don’t happen. Just imagine for years the peace park has not been functioning, what about the Ox Bow Lake that took them a long time before they started the renovation,” he said.

While stressing that the Government of Bayelsa State has not been deliberate about investing in entertainment, he also called on private organizations to help develop the industry.

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