Expect more blackmail from powerful politicians, man tells Ewhrudjakpo

Yenagoa—A concerned Bayelsan, Mr. Kemepado Akugbene has advised the Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State, Senator Lawrence Ewhrudjakpo to be prepared for more blackmail as a powerful cartel seeks to dislodge him from his current position.

It will be recalled that the Bayelsa Progressive Vanguard had accused Ewhrujakpor of running a parallel administration within the government despite the latitude he enjoyed from Diri.

In a statement by its leader, Erepadei Ebiowei, the group insisted that the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at the state and national level should probe Ewhrujakpor, adding that if not checked, he would constitute the greatest threat to the fortunes of the party in the coming elections.

On his part, Akugbene alleged that Ebipadei Ebiowei is a pseudonym used by the Bayelsa Progressive Vanguard to blackmail the Deputy Governor, adding that the group is a non-existent group used in propagating fictitious content.

Akugbene who made this known in a statement on Monday averred that the governor has been generous in delegating crucial state functions to his deputy whenever he is busy with other matters necessary for the development of the state.

His words, “The Deputy on the other hand has replicated the goodwill of the governor by a show of skill and dexterity in handling matters assigned to his office by bringing them to fruitful conclusions.

“In my opinion, the existing political order best suits the needs of the state that is in desperate need for development.

“But unfortunately, the harmony in Creek Haven has not gone down well with some powerful cartel of politicians around same corridors of power who want a return to the old order of chaos and distrust, because that is how they feed fat on the fortunes of the state, while the rest of the masses languish in abject poverty and wants.
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“These mischievous naysayers would rather continue in their art of midwifing the steady birth of bad governance in the state, leading the state to a careless mismanagement of our God-given resources.

“They cannot thrive in an atmosphere of peace, and coordination, hence they must show their nasty heads, they must raise issues when the polity is in tranquility and poised for smooth sail.”

He opined that anyone who listens to the Governor at state functions would easily dispel these baseless accusations of insubordination and disloyalty of the Deputy Governor.

“His Excellency the Governor constantly acknowledges and boasts about the loyalty of his Deputy whom he fondly refers to as workaholic desirous only to do the best in the interest of the state. One wonders where the phantom group get their information from.

“The writers of that unfortunate piece had raised a question on the loyalty of the Deputy Governor to his political party the PDP.

“They accused Sen. Lawrence of engineering a break away from the party and funding an unknown number of persons in the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in collaboration with the former governor, Sen. Seriake Dickson.

“The script writers further alleged that the Deputy Governor has lodged in his private apartment Lawyers opposed to the cases of PDP candidates that has been dragged to Court.

“He has also been accused of carrying these lawyers in his personal car to court in a brazzen display of spite to the governor and the PDP.

“The tone and color of this particular accusation smell fishy and reveal the true intent of the writers as emissaries of rift and merchants of discord, who if taken seriously would bring about disunity in the state and slow down its pace of development,” he said.

He advised Ewhrudjakpo to watch his back because a powerful syndicate has singled him out as their personal problem and would stop at nothing but to see him fail and eroded in the scheme of things.

Akugbene alleged that they would launch even worse attacks on his person in the coming days, weeks and months, hence he should prepare his house in anticipation as projectiles would come in different forms and style.

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