PAP: APC youths kick against calls for Kemepado’s sack as Head of Reintegration

Nembe—A social media influencer and member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Nembe Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, Mr. Alasuoyon Matthias has called for the continuation of Alfred Kemepado Nimizigha as Head of Reintegration at the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP).

Kemepado, a former Secretary General of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), according to Matthias, has a good track record and has done well for Ijaws and beyond.

In a post on his Facebook account, he averred that the PAP is not an arm of APC or PDP but was established to provide human capacity development to improve Niger Deltans.

The post reads in part:

“I’m not his beneficiary and am not on his payroll and I’ve not received anything from him before so remove any imaginary thoughts you’re about to have of a reason I might be saying this.

“But I know hundreds of Niger Delta sons, daughters and leaders from different political divides as his beneficiaries and they can attest to the fact that Alfred Kemepado is a blessing to the Niger Delta.

“He’s one of a kind, especially his pursuit towards the development of the Niger Delta and his desperation towards the growth of the Niger Delta youths.

“We’ve seen situations where different states and people belonging to different political parties held that position and other lucrative positions in the Amnesty Office and NDDC but no Bayelsan call for their removal or sack.

“But a Bayelsan is holding the same position today and some unscrupulous Bayelsans are calling for his removal/replacement out of envy and bitterness.”
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In the same vein, Mr. Nyananyo Theophilus, who is also a member of the APC in Nembe Local Government Area berated calls for the sack of Kemepado, describing it as laughable and irresponsible.

Theophilus who made this known in a Facebook post opined that those who are making such disparaging and disdainful calls need not be taken seriously.

“If Alfred Kemepado Nimizigha is using his privileged position to empower his PDP folks as insinuated, why are the APC people that are occupying some offices in the PAP and other areas not prone to empowering their fellow party men?

“The PAP was a brainchild of a PDP government that is meant for Niger Deltans and not restricted to any particular party that is why die-hard party men from all divides are beneficiaries, hence Alfred Kemepado Nimizigha cannot be an exception.

“Our APC members should instead of criticizing him do well to learn from him how to use their office to help and empower their own,” he urged.

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