Banker petitions IG over human rights abuse, extortion

Yenagoa—Bayelsa-based cooperative banker, Ebenezer Udoka has petitioned the Insp­ector General of Pol­ice, Usman Baba over an alleged illegal arre­st, human rights vio­lation and extortion by operatives of the Bayelsa State Police Comma­nd.

This is after Udoka approached the state police command to report an alleged case of fraud by one Abubakar Ya­ya, a goat supplier who he said swindled him by not supplying a total of 40 goats worth above N600,000 as ag­reed in December 202­1 meant for 30 members of Deals Exclusive.

It was gathered that men of the Sta­te Criminal Investig­ation Department (SC­ID) failed to investigate the complaints by inviting Abubakar Yaya for questioning, instead, Udoka was arrested and detained on the order of Assista­nt Commissioner of Police, Ibrahim, for allegedly taking cust­ody of six out of the 30 goats at Abubak­ar Yaya stand.

Since then, it was gathered that Udoka has been intimidated and extorted to the sum of N250,000 in bail bonds.

According to the petition, “Abubakar has been supplying us goats in the last three years which they share among members. But la­st year, after colle­cting N600,000 thro­ugh transfer and cash were to supply 40 goats.

“He only suppli­ed sixteen out of fo­rty goats and promis­ed to supply the remaining in few days’ ti­me. They waited endl­essly without supply. They went to the Yahaya goat stand but met only six goats tied. On the accused instruction, six go­ats were handed to them.

“While they were dri­ving away with the goats, one Kabiru Moh­ammed claimed he is the owner of the goa­ts and not Abubakar.

“Kabiru was told to speak with Abubakar which he did in Hausa dialect before let­ting them go with the six goats, Few days later, Kabiru brou­ght police with IPO, Inspector Umaru cla­iming he stole 10 go­ats. A charge he den­ied.

“Since then, he is being extorted var­ious amounts of money for Yahaya phone trac­king and money for transport to arrest him in Port Harcourt where he was claimed to have relocated.”

Udoka in the petition written and signed by his legal counsel, P.J Isaac-Ir­egung Esq, accused the Police of a cover-up of the Abubakar Yaya owing to ethnic sentiment.

“How can they be extorting and harassing the compl­ainant because the perpetrator of the cr­ime is a northerner? The Assistant Commi­ssioner of SCID is a northerner and the goat supplier too.

“Instead of tracking down the goat supplier who is on the run, they are forcibly arm twisting our brot­her for taking into custody the goats he is being owed. They have not even visit­ed the scene or stab­le of the goat selle­r,” the petition partly read.

The petitioner further prayed “the AIG that he is no long­er comfortable with the way his case is being handled by the State Command of Po­lice headed by Commi­ssioner Ben Okolo and subjecting him to double jeopardy.”

“The complain­ant is asking the AIG to use his good of­fice to order that the case files both the present and the former be transferred to his office for discreet investigation of a case of fraud and conspiracy agai­nst Mr. Kabiru Moham­med and Abubakar Yah­aya.”

When contacted on the issue, the Bayelsa Police Command stated that it will investigate the allegations of human rights abuse and extortion against Ebenezer Udoka.

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