The landlords are at it again

By Tife Owolabi

When our acclaimed Landlords ( colonialists) left they didn’t just go. They left behind some relics in human form (surrogates) who still act and behave like the former and these relics have maintained the old tradition of passing the culture from one generation to another. They are landlords who still visit whether on health grounds or consultations the original landlords to hold us captive.

Very soon the acclaimed landlords will make a category statement tilting the minds of the electorates over who to coronate because the new landlord must be their lackey otherwise he won’t get the job.

Their agent has been touring around interviewing who is suitable for the job in the person of the British High Commissioner and the result will be out soon.

This is the reality of this country and the pattern has been there but only a few can see it.

So when people hear or see that some landlords of the Nigerian state meet in London ( territory of the acclaimed landlords) who sold Nigeria to the current landlords ( political actors ) to determine the next future of Nigeria don’t be surprised. It is an old gimmick but the real owners are too divided to decipher the truth due to sentiment or religion, ethnicity, and party politics.

The one who enjoys a large following of the young generation says he wants to change the status quo yet he is winning and dining at the acclaimed landlord’s table with the rest of the landlords.

In a recent interview with Reuters Obi said; “The system they’ve operated over the years, it has brought us to where we are.”

Yet he and others were in the United Kingdom politicking, which one wonders can not be done in Nigeria?

A landlord (an agent ) who is an appointee of the real owner and the real owners must act to take over their property. The owner may not have a job but he or she has a vote which is deciding factor for the hirer. Use vote wisely or you remain the subject of the acclaimed landlords and their surrogates.

Lastly, If a new party or a new presidential candidate emerges come 2023, the system hasn’t changed but it just gets new management( Landlords ).

Karl Marx said the state is the committee management of the bourgeoise. There is no change in the gatekeepers ( landlords) but what remains is unemployment, insecurity, misery, and poverty. “Liars rule and the state is captured by thugs.”

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