How Gov. Douye Diri has unified all Bayelsans

By Esumai Ambros

Indigenes of Bayelsa State have had it tough in the past few years with tribal, political, and electoral division.

Bayelsa and its people were of the resolve that what was needed after the 2019 elections was a healing balm and a governor that will unify, build bridges and pacify many grieving hearts after the depth of hatred, bitterness, and brigandage displayed by a few anti-development elements around the state.

While many would have shown indifference and continue on the path of confusion and division, Governor Douye Diri is rather gracious, and has made the Prosperity of Bayelsans his main goal. It was a huge relief for many!

More so, in the last two years, the sharp divide among political actors has been bridged and the fear among the populace replaced by hope for the future of the State.

A brighter future, exemplified by visible and variable projects cutting across the state was in the offing. And for those whose loved ones were casualties of the parochial and wicked machination of politics, they have seen a new light and hope in the prosperity administration of Governor Diri.

For the unrepentant elements, the Prosperity administration has left them awed with the provision of logistics and 14 operational vehicles to the various security agencies, rejigged the state security outfit, codenamed Operation Doo Akpo, with 50 brand new patrol vehicles, 40 motorbikes, and security gadgets to clamp out criminality in the State.

Not only did he do that for security, but he also provided two patrol buses and support for the state-owned Bayelsa State Vigilante Service and State Volunteers in a bid to complement their effort in tackling crime, criminality, and also to assist the conventional security agencies in the fight against insecurity.

In his empowerment scheme and despite the paucity of funds, appointments given under the present administration were spread evenly across the state. The Youths, Women, and the elderly are given a sense of belonging in the affairs of governance in the state.

These feet and more endeared him to earn an award as Independent Newspaper Governor of the year 2021.

The agricultural sector of the state now produces more as the governor places top priority on diversifying the economy of the state.

In the last two years of governor Douye Diri’s stewardship, the state agricultural sector has become a talk of the nation, as Bayelsa now produces rice for commercial quantity, though the process is still being test-run. Nevertheless, the governor has assured that Bayelsa rice will hit the international market in the years ahead.

The Governor of the State, who is the Youth Ambassador in governance has been focused on getting the job done despite the continuous efforts of political opponents to misrepresent the person of the Governor and his administration to the outside world.

Many mind-blowing projects across the state have been completed and commissioned while others are in advanced stages across the three Senatorial Districts.

Esumai Ambros is a Special Assistant to Bayelsa State Governor on New Media and writes from Yenagoa, the State capital.

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