Chrisland immoral act: our collective embarrassment

By: Tife Owolabi

The situation of Nigeria is likened to an onion, one week, one layer of tragedy.

Whilst some of us are still trying to grasp with the circumstances that surrounded the death of the Nigerian gospel artist, “Ekueme” crooner, Osinachi, that is presumed a case of domestic violence another disheartening story has popped up.

It was a case of a child and her schoolmates involved in a romp. They are students of Chrisland International School, Lagos who traveled to Dubai to participate in the World School Games from March 10 to 13. Indeed, Nigeria is like an onion. You peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep.

But this one touched me as a parent and I just can’t fathom how we are failing as a country and parenthood is collapsing under our watch. Too many questions begging for answers.

That a 10-year-old doing cowgirl and reserve style speak loud how she has been exposed to all manners! That immoral act doesn’t show she started it with her mates.

Has someone older than her had carnal knowledge of her at home, elsewhere, or at the school? Why is she the only one being suspended from school? What happened to the other boys involved in the immoral act?

These are pertinent questions the school authority, parents and the Lagos State Government must help to unravel.

How did we arrive here in the first place? Have we so lost it that we can longer instill morals and values in our ward anymore? Have we all withdrawn to a state of nature, a state of war, mayhem and callous killing, arson, kidnapping, and moral value at the lowest ebb?

The truth is, If you buy a smartphone for your wards also endeavor to monitor what he/she is exposed to. This digital-savvy generation needs close monitoring. If you don’t teach them the path to follow some free agents will teach them.

Do parents know that your wards are watching free AD of sex or Adult film, particularly on some cheap Android smartphone? This comes as malware which is software that is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer system.

Yes, I know opinions are divided on this immoral act but before you blame the teachers and school and we can blame the school because that is our style as Nigerians but the trophy is yours when your ward excels.

The school has its share of the blame but as parents let us look after our wards. The act I saw on the display doesn’t look like a one-off thing. I am afraid as a parent that my heartache and it is high time that parents stopped transferring their responsibilities to schools.

Parents should have a firm grip on how they raise their wards. Don’t be a lax parent. Don’t pamper them much. Freedom without responsibility is destruction and the fact is If people blame themselves for their condition, they will work to overcome it, but if they blame others, they will only rebel against it and no change insight.

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