I want to be the official DJ for superstar artistes, says first female DJ in Bayelsa

Lagos—Recently, the number of female DJs in Nigeria has increased and some have even taken it as a career, just like other professions. Still, it is often considered a masculine job by many in this part of the world.

Ebi Aisha Mukoro, a 28-year-old native of Delta State said she has been a DJ since 2018 but took it up as a profession a year later in 2019. She plays in clubs, wedding ceremonies, and other events.

In an exclusive interview with, Mukoro stated that she started as a publicist in the club before becoming a DJ.

Mukoro who is also a dancer noted that her profession as a DJ is lucrative, with a lot of financial gains.

Known professionally as Dj Toxic, Mukoro revealed that what drives her passion for her job is her love for music, especially Nigerian Afrobeat.

“I love dancing, I started as a Public Relations Officer (PRO) in the club. Then I wanted to monetize it, I asked myself why not go bigger than this? And then I got inspired by a DJ called “Cue” and started my DJ career in 2018 but I became a full professional DJ a year later.

“I have a passion for DJing. And I love good music too especially Nigerian Afrobeat.”

Mukoro who is a graduate of Economics from ESCAE University, Benin Republic said her family has always been supportive of her over her choice of career.

She revealed that initially her father wanted her to take a different career path, but he still supports her.

Narrating the challenges that come with her line of work, she said, “before now, I was residing in Bayelsa State, I’m the first female DJ in Bayelsa and there was little patronage or support.

“So I moved to Lagos because you know Lagos is not only the commercial city in Nigeria but the hub of entertainment in the whole of Africa. It has not been easy but we are carrying on.

“And also a challenge I’ve been faced with, especially here in Lagos is that back in Bayelsa if you want to be a DJ in the club you work directly with the club owner or manager, but here in Lagos one is often required to work with other DJs in charge of the club and often they are reluctant to give you a platform especially when the person realizes that you are a better DJ and sees you as a competition.”

She averred that she has not experienced discrimination based on her gender in her profession.

“To be honest, I have not experienced discrimination since I’ve been in this DJ work. I’ve been helped by male DJs who sometimes help me with my connections and setting of the instruments,” she said.

When asked about her plan for the future, she pointed out that she is focused on making her brand bigger to the point she would be the official DJ for brands and artistes.

Mukoro also revealed that setting up an academy to groom young female Disc Jockeys is part of her future plans.

Her words, “I’m still building my brand at the moment but I want to get bigger. As a DJ, I want to play in big shows like the Big Brother show, be a Hennessy ambassador, be the official DJ for artistes or music labels and when I get to that point I want to own an academy where I’ll mentor young female DJs to actualize their dream.

“And also, as time goes by, I would like to start up businesses as a side hustle but DJing is a lifetime job for me.”

She encouraged young females aiming to become DJs to take the bold step and not hesitate, adding that DJing is a lucrative profession from which one can eke out a living.

She also advised them to be focused and know what they really want.

“Everybody is now woke and females now take up jobs that were erstwhile regarded as male jobs or professions.

“DJing is now a registered profession, a good one at that and it is very lucrative especially when u keep developing yourself.

“I advise that one has to be focused, concentrate and know what you want, surely you will get there in time,” she said.

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