Group accuses Diri of commissioning uncompleted projects, expending state funds on publicity

Yenagoa—The APC Integrity Group, Bayelsa State chapter, has criticized the Bayelsa State government by Douye Diri, for allegedly commissioning unfinished projects during its second year anniversary celebrations.

In a statement signed by the group’s spokesman, Fred Ayabowei, and made available to on Monday, the group said Diri is running a government of deceit and make-believe.

Ayabowei maintained that projects like the Bayelsa Media House and Angiama road are all uncompleted projects which are still under construction but were commissioned by Diri as part of activities marking his second year in office.

According to him, the state government is using state funds to inordinately publicize executed projects, saying it is inimical to the development of the state, particularly when the majority of Bayelsans are hungry and unemployed.

The statement reads in full:

“The Bayelsa State Chapter of the APC Integrity Group wishes to state that the self-styled prosperity administration of Senator Douye Diri is running a government of deceit and propaganda, by doing little with so much publicity with a view to deceiving gullible Bayelsans.

“The Diri-led state government as part of the activities marking its second anniversary in office commissioned some projects of which most are still under construction.

“For instance, the Bayelsa Media House has not been completed with fencing and other construction work ongoing, yet the state government hurriedly commissioned the project. One would ask to what end?

“The road to Angiama is not near completion, yet in its desperation to take glory for an unfinished project, the publicity-driven prosperity government drove with SUVs to kick off the proposed bridge to link Oporoma.

“While we are aware that the AIT-Igbogene road ends in Okarki with just a single lane, Diri in his desperation to impress Bayelsans and for publicity sake went ahead to commission the uncompleted project.

“Again, the much-hyped Elebele bridge is less than 50 meters. Other neighboring states where longer bridges are executed have not been hyping their projects as much as what the Diri-led government is doing. It is clear that this government is so bent on making Bayelsans celebrate mediocrity.

“It is pertinent to note that the government is not taking any tangible action to rehabilitate other dilapidated link bridges in Ogbia that are in abeyance.

*As a progressive group made, we have observed with dismay how the state government has abandoned Bayelsa West in its sighting of projects, putting its full focus on Bayelsa Central and East, yet it prides itself as being an all-inclusive government.
The claim of course we know is a charade and part of its many false narratives to launder its already dented image. However, we urge Senator Douye Diri to run an all-inclusive government to benefit all Bayelsans.

“The prosperity government should not waste our limited funds to publicize its uncompleted projects when the majority of Bayelsans are hungry, jobless, and redundant. Our commonwealth should rather be used to create wealth and embark on developmental projects that will benefit all Bayelsans.

“We wish to state that no amount of deceit and propaganda by the Diri-led Bayelsa state government will change the minds of Bayelsans that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has been rejected in Bayelsa state.

“It is still fresh in the mind of Bayelsans how the Supreme Court judgment upturned the pristine will of our people by imposing Diri on the state, by this, the prosperity government is an unpopular one and an error which will be corrected in the forthcoming gubernatorial elections in the state.”

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