What would you be remembered for?

The sad, immutable thing about life is that we won’t live forever. And the only things that will speak for us – the only things the world will remember us for – when air leaves our breath are the legacies we will leave behind. 

Every human yearns to be remembered for good, save for the few sadists who derive pleasure in causing pain to others, even though their name is being soiled.

Perhaps, like me, you are desirous of being remembered for good. Then it’s only apt that we act aright – while still alive.

Why do we act in ways that will speak ill of us when we are no longer here? Why do we do the very things that break our heart? Why do we keep exhibiting tendencies that hurt our unerring conscience?

What exactly is the world going to remember you for? Would you be remembered for stealing from and killing innocent people?

Would you be remembered for uncontrolled drunkenness and or drug addiction?

Imagine being remembered for sleeping with married men/women and breaking other people’s homes?

Do you wish to be remembered for being a person who is always jealous of those who work hard to succeed?

Would you be happy if the world remembers you for being the most dreaded cultist that ever lived?
For being the girl who sleeps with the most beautiful girls?

For living to impress others who are living their lives to the fullest?

Do you wish to be remembered for lying to pull innocent people down, or envying those who worked hard to be successful?

What would the world remember you for when death finally calls?

Would the unborn generation remember you and I as people who supported evil and stark immorality, by way of silence or needless concurrence? 

Whatever behaviour we exhibit is what the next generation will take and keep. 

The salient question now is: Are we going to bequeath a valueless society to the next generation? Or are we going to leave the world better than we met it?
What exactly are we going to be remembered for when we leave this world?

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