7 reasons why personal brands succeed—Media strategist

Yenagoa—A Bayelsa-based digital media branding strategist, Harry Porbeni has disclosed seven reasons why personal brands achieve business success.

According to Harry, consistency, passion, engagement, expertise, authenticity, networking, and adaptability are the seven key ingredients that ensure the success of every brand.

Posting on his Facebook Harry wrote:

“If you are building a personal brand, pay attention to these 7 reasons:

“Consistency: Personal brands that consistently portray a clear and consistent message and image are more likely to succeed. This helps to build trust and credibility with their audience.

“Passion: Personal brands that are driven by a genuine passion for their work or cause are more likely to succeed. This authenticity and enthusiasm are infectious and attract others to their brand.

“Engagement: Personal brands that engage with their audience through regular communication and interaction are more likely to succeed. This helps to build a loyal following and establishes a sense of community around the brand.

“Expertise: Personal brands that are seen as experts in their field are more likely to succeed. This can be achieved through a strong track record of success and a willingness to share knowledge and expertise with others.

“Authenticity: Personal brands that are authentic and genuine in their messaging and actions are more likely to succeed. People are drawn to brands that are transparent and genuine and are more likely to trust and engage with them.

“Networking: Personal brands that make an effort to network and build relationships with others in their industry or niche are more likely to succeed. This helps to expand their reach and increase their visibility.

“Adaptability: Personal brands that can adapt to changing circumstances and trends are more likely to succeed. This helps them stay relevant and continue to grow and evolve with their audience.”

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