True giving is when we give for no reason at all

By: Azibaola Robert

We all give a lot in various ways. And as the saying goes, “Blessed is the hand that giveth than the one that taketh”, giving is much more than the physical accolades we receive when we give; it comes with a lot of ‘natural’ fulfilment which we receive when we adhere to its rules. I call it the rules of true giving.

True giving is giving to strangers; someone we had never met and may have no chance of meeting again to be paid back. Giving to a stranger in a way that touches his life and soul also touches our life and soul. It keeps your memory in their hearts far longer than you may remember them.

True giving is giving to someone we know, who was in true need and wiping off our brains the fact of our giving him. True giving hates memories of our giving; Our brain has already received all the rewards that it is, as long as it intentionally keeps a record of it.

There is a kind of peace and reward you receive when someone whom you touched in a time of need reminds you unexpectedly that you touched his or her life.

True giving happens when someone whom you gave was not expecting the gift. It is that kind of unexpected gift that touches a soul and gives us eternal satisfaction.

True giving happens when it is not done in competition. Giving, not because we want the ovation or because someone else gave, but because there is a need to be alleviated.

True giving is giving without the expectation of any reward so that it does not become a business transaction.

Not that the person whom we gave cannot, in future, in appreciation of our kind act, do us a favour; let that be a voluntary favour.

True giving is giving for no reason at all. Giving, just as a way that soothes and gladdens our hearts, is a pleasant experience of our purpose in life.

True giving is therapy for our souls. It gives us positive energy and thoughts and can help with our blood pressure, give us better sleep, and a kind of ecstasy and satisfying freedom which only the true giver experiences.

True giving abhors cameras for public show off; except it is inevitable. Once the cameras are involved, we have received our rewards in full by the praises already showered on us.

It is immaterial how much we have. We can not neglect to give because we have too little or give just because we have too much. Giving is a thing of the heart. Our heart must desire to give, whether we have too little or too much. Giving without the desire of our heart is vain.

True giving is not giving because someone expects to be given. Oftentimes, we give to those who expect to be given and ignore strangers who need to be given. Giving should be a function of the silent, immeasurable pleasure we receive while giving, not the ovation that comes as a final reward.

True giving requires us to avoid discussing the fact of our giving with third parties. The more you discuss it, the more you have received your reward. Giving is a covenant between us and our souls.

True giving is giving without the expectation of going to heaven. Let’s not bribe heaven.

Let heaven decide whether our acts on earth are worthy of being given a room in its city.

When we give, give with nobility; in peace and under cover from the glaring eyes of the public. That is the best food for our soul.

Happy New Year.

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