There is nothing like ancestral curse, Bayelsa-born innovator declares

Abuja—Bayelsa-born innovator, Azibaola Robert has given his perspective on the much-debated issue of ancestral curses in Africa especially Nigeria.

He stated oftentimes Africans pre-occupy themselves with negative thoughts of their ancestors, as the cause of their misfortunes.

In a post on his official Facebook page, the entrepreneur averred that “ancestral curses only exist in Africa and in reality in our minds.

“The most heinous and brutal criminal acts, including slavery, genocide, sea piracy, were mostly carried out by the ancestors of the world’s richest, most powerful people and nations.

“If their ancestors left no curses that inhibit them from further domination of the world, yours too didn’t leave any for you that prescribes your progress.

“In this life, not everyone will succeed; unfortunately the thoughts and efforts wasted in the fighting of ancestral curses have pulled a lot of us irredeemably backward.
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Robert who is also the founder of Zeetin Engineering added that the inability of some individuals to succeed shouldn’t be attributed to curses from their ancestors

“Each individual has his/her course to run; ours’ different from our ancestors. Your ancestors have done theirs; it’s our duty to do ours.

“All we owe is a duty to be good and proud ancestors to our offsprings and the coming generations. Let’s let our ancestors be; there is no curse left behind for us by them.”

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