Why we raided drug kingpins in Nembe—Bayelsa youth leader reveals

Nembe—The Nembe Youth Congress in collaboration with the Nembe City Internal Security have embarked on a campaign against social vices in the kingdom.

The campaign tagged “SAY NO TO DRUGS AND OTHER SOCIAL VICES” was kick-started on Monday, June 6, and is being led by the youth president Comr. Nelson-Ebimie Kuroghofa and his vice, Comr. Oemi Barigha. gathered that during the campaign, notorious hideouts of drug kingpins and shanties for drug dealerships were raided and heroin, cocaine, Indian hemp, and other hard drugs were recovered.

Some of the recovered hard drugs

The recovered hard drugs were subsequently destroyed openly at the Owusegi Polo-tiri compound in Nembe City.

Speaking to, the Financial Secretary of the Nembe Kingdom Youth Congress Comr. Stephen-Gow Daukoru Obiene said the campaign became necessary when the leadership of the youth body observed the high rate of drug abuse among youths in the community.

According to him, drug dealers and users in the community were given a forewarning before their hideouts were raided on Monday.

He said, “The leadership of the Nembe Youth Congress felt that the rate of drug abuse in the community is getting out of hand. This is because when those who indulge in the act take these drugs and substances, they become a menace to the community. They talk and behave carelessly and sometimes indulge in criminality.

“The leadership of the youth Congress then had a meeting with the community and then with His Majesty, King Edmond Daukoru who during the meeting communicated his worries concerning youth restiveness and other vices by youths to us.

“So we felt it necessary to embark on the campaign and operation, “say no to drugs and other social vices.”

He continued, “First, we notified the youths and those selling hard drugs in the community to stop the dealership of hard drugs before we raided some of the ghettos where some of the drug kingpins stay.”

He noted that the reason for the campaign is to rid the community of hard drugs and stop youths from indulging in any form of social vices, restore sanity to the youth system and ensure the well-being and progress of all Nembe youths.

Obiene stated that the campaign would last for the duration of the current youth executives.

Although he said some of the most notorious drug dealers In the community have evaded arrest so far, he disclosed that four were arrested in yesterday’s raid.

Some of the drug kingpins arrested including other offenders

He further argued that idleness and lack of a job are not an excuse to indulge in drug abuse and other social vices.

Citing himself as an example, he disclosed that it has been eight years since he graduated with no good paying job but that did not push him into doing drugs.

He, therefore, advised drug dealers and users to change their ways and to befriend industrious people that will inspire them positively.

Also, a youth from the kingdom, Empero-Fessman Franky in a post on Facebook commended the campaign, noting that it should be a collective responsibility by all to speak and fight against the use of hard drugs in the kingdom.

He thanked the leadership of the Nembe Youth Congress and the Nembe City Internal Security for embarking on the life-changing operation.

“The war against hard drugs, homosexuality, stealing, rape, and forms of criminal activities in our dear Community is indeed a good thing to invest all our time and energy.

“It is a collective responsibility to maintain this great move and see our youths grow in strength and healthy reasoning again,” he stated.

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