Lady appreciates Jonathan for sponsoring her education, offers to share her salary with him, church

Yenagoa—A Bayelsan, Ms. Favour Parke has appreciated former President Goodluck Jonathan for sponsoring her education through his scholarship scheme.

In a letter addressed to the former president, Ms. Parke described Jonathan as her father stating that his benevolence helped her accomplish her childhood dream after the demise of her biological father when she was eight years old.

Ms. Parke who is a native of Akassa in Brass Local Government Area of Bayelsa State revealed that she will split her first salary between Jonathan and her church as a way of showing gratitude after landing her first job.

The letter reads,

“Dear Sir,

“I trust my letter meets you well. I am writing with the hope that I might be able to express a fraction of the debt of gratitude I owe you. I know that you are already aware of the many lives you have touched. However, I feel the moral conviction to let you know how gracious you have been to me and my family. Your goodwill and sincerity of purpose happened to us at a time when all hope seemed lost.

“My name is Favour Parke, and I am from Akassa, Brass LGA. I lost my biological father when I was 8 years old. I used “biological” because you became my father shortly after then. I remember how I would oftentimes dream away the sadness and despair that covered my early childhood after my father passed.

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“Then, your scholarship program came when my family most needed a miracle, and my childhood dreams came through. From when I turned Ten (10), you effectively became a father to me. You sponsored my entire education and made me who I am today.

“What you did for me has proven to be more than a scholarship; you gave me a new life, an additional family, and changed my entire perspective about what it means to be a parent. As an affectionate father, despite being occupied with work and service to our dear nation, you still found time to check up on us and made sure we had the best education. Therefore, after graduating, it is only natural to keep you informed about how I am doing.

“Although it took a while after completing my national youth service, I am very excited to inform you that I recently got a job, which is the motivating aim of writing you this letter. And as a token of my eternal gratitude to you and God, have included half of my first monthly salary for you, and the other half to my ministry, where I worship.

“It would be the happiest thing for me to have you accept this and be proud of the child you have parented. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, and for accepting my sincere appreciation. It would be most exciting for me to get to hear back from you.”

Parke also disclosed that she plans to help vulnerable children in rural areas in the state get quality and free education.

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